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Engagement Agreement

Engagement Agreement

After I receive and review an assignment opportunity, I will reach out to you personally to discuss the details via phone or email.

Providing we mutually agree to all of the terms and conditions, I must first have a signed DreamSafe Anesthesia Staffing, Inc. “Engagement Agreement” from your company prior to signing your assignment confirmation letter.

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You can find and review a sample of my Engagement Agreement    HERE.

Please pay particular attention to items:

  • III. Contractual Obligations and Responsibilities of Staffing Agency and
  • V. Engagement Agreement Damages
The Credentialing Office is requested to use the available resources contained within this webiste to complete the application. All of my credentials can be found    HERE.

I will send you a completed Engagement Agreement that reflects the terms and conditions we have mutually agreed upon. After you have reviewed this agreement with all parties involved, email me with any questions or concerns. Once the Engagement Agreement is signed and dated by all parties, I will block off my calendar dates and sign the staffing agency assignment confirmation letter.
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