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DreamSafe Anesthesia, owned and operated by April Charpentier, is pleased to offer this website to provide Practice Groups, Facility Credentialing Offices, and Locum Staffing Agencies access to her current availability and credentials for assignments throughout the United States.

This site also welcomes Locum CRNA's to explore the world of being a Traveler and to connect with April and other CRNA's.

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Practice Groups


  •     Fill Staffing Shortage
  •     Locate a Reliable Locum
  •     Secure CRNA Budget Approval
  •     Sign off on Credentialing

I understand these and the multiple issues that face facility practice groups on a daily basis. I invite you to Learn more about how I can be of service to your team.

Credentialing Offices


  •     Verify licenses and certifications
  •     Verify employment and privileges
  •     Contact references
  •     Review all documentatin

I understand the numerous tasks and expectations that face credentialing offices. I invite you to Learn More about how using this website can be to your benefit.

Staffing Agencies


  •     Find a locum for a facility in need
  •     Get signed contracts
  •     Request and verify credentials
  •     Communicate with the provider

I know the challenges that face staffing agencies in securing reliable and qualified locums for assignments. I invite you to Learn More about how contracting with me can be to your benefit.



  •     Find a desirable assignment
  •     Negotiate schedule and rates
  •     Manage the credentialing process
  •     Prepare for the new assignment

I know first hand the challenges that face Traveler CRNA's looking for the best assignment. I invite you to Learn More about how you can navigate the process using this website.

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Colleague Testimonials

    Friendly, reliable, and capable, April is a pleasure to work with and would be a welcomed asset in any anesthesia setting. 5 Stars!   

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    (Me) Are you a traveler? (April) Yup, I am. (Me) Do you have any idea where the pharmacy is? (April) Nope, but I’ll help you find it.

The life of a traveling CRNA is interesting, varied and nuts at times. I met April in Tucson, AZ. She was amazingly energetic and loves life. She lives in Alaska, that in itself is wonderful to me. Tucson was the second travel job I had worked. It was at a large University Hospital with a surprising amount of trauma. I was lucky enough to work with April. She is a remarkable CRNA. She is knowledgeable and caring. She always does the right thing for her patients. She is an extremely hard worker that is willing to go the extra mile and work as much as needed. I very much admire her.

I have been a traveler for the last 2 years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to work all over the country. I am lucky to have the ability to travel in my own motorhome and have my husband join me. I have been a CRNA for nearly 30 years. Until I started traveling, I held two long term jobs. I felt “safe” working a fulltime job. Due to a few life changes, I threw safety out the window and quit my fulltime job. I was sure I would go broke, loose everything and end up on the streets. I was terrified.

Best thing I ever did!
These last two years have been such an amazing time for me. As for work, everywhere I go, I learn something new. Every place I go to, allows me to spend, around three months, to learn about the area and the folks that live there. I have been able to travel between contracts. I have been down through the wine country in Mexico, pet gray whales down the Baja Peninsula, and traveled all through Canada. Also, I’ve traveled all through the USA, staying in National Parks and State Parks. There is so many more places to go!   

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Ravonne Ross, CRNA

    April is the only person that I need to call when exploring anesthesia elsewhere. She has traveled and experienced so much in the anesthesia world. I am so excited about her blog and website. Thanks for being willing to share with those of us who wish to travel too!   

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    I worked with April in 2013 for about a year while at Group Health in Seattle, Washington. April fit in well with our group, performed her job at a high level, and was an asset to our department.

We would have hired her to a permanent position if the opportunity arose.

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    April’s credentialing website is amazing and so organized! I was able to use the info on the website to prefill paperwork for April to complete, which saved us both time and effort. I wish all our providers utilized a similar format for their information!   

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Alex Taylor, CVO Team Lead

   I got to know April while she was on a travel assignment at my hospital. Not only is she a great CRNA but she also has extensive knowledge about 1099 work and traveling as a CRNA. I really appreciate the knowledge she was able to share with me as my career progresses forward with the hopes of a 1099 position in the future.   

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    Hi everyone. I met April when I was working as a traveling RN. My company was unable to procure housing or a car, so April extended a warm welcome to me and her accommodations came with a wonderful dog. Since then April and I have remained friends. I am looking forward to reading more about her adventures on her upcoming website.   

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Martha Cesario, RN

    Let me know if you enjoyed working with me. Text me your picture and click HERE to write a testimonial.   

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