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Welcome recruiters

Welcome recruiters

This page is designed for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies to better target assignments that fit my credentials, availability, and preferred locations.

DreamSafe Anesthesia is NOT a staffing agency. I am the sole provider/owner of this company and website. The resources provided here can assist you to locate assignments where I would prefer to work as a locum.

Over 90% of my assignments come to me through Staffing Agencies.

This website is designed to help us to work together. Please continue reading in order to learn how to use this site.
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How to use this website:

  1. Check my Calendar HERE.   Make note of the months of the year and the regions of the United States where I prefer to practice. Also note my availability. I’m willing to schedule up to 2 years in advance based on the details of the assignment.
  2. Download a copy of my CV HERE.
  3. Check my RN and APN licenses HERE. I am willing to apply to license in other states.
  4. Note my schedule and practice preferences:
    1. Guaranteed 8-hour shifts
    2. Bread and Butter cases including OB and Healthy Ped's
  5. I answer "NO" to all practice restriction questions.
  6. Before contacting me, please read the next section.
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My Requirements for Working Together

Before I sign your agreement, I require that your company also agree to some terms to help me protect my interests.

Everything you need for credentialing with the facility and communicating with me can be found on this website. This process may be unfamiliar to you, however it is designed to promote effective communication between the staffing agency, the facility, and myself.
Please click on the button below for brief explanation of how I'd like to do business with you.
You can download the entire Engagement Agreement HERE.
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What's Next?

If you have an assignment or several, click the button to be taken to a form where you can send me the details.

Thank you for coming to this page and learning more on how we can work together. I look forward to working with you!