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Corporate Background and Services

Corporate Background and Services


DreamSafe Anesthesia Staffing, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Alaska on April 11, 2016 to enable me, April Charpentier, to practice independently of traditional staffing agencies and contract directly with Anesthesia Groups and private facilities. Contrary to the name, Dreamsafe Anesthesia Staffing is not a staffing “agency”.

Business Services

With the rising cost of hiring skilled CRNA providers and the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare system, I saw a growing need to offer practice groups a choice in how to fill staffing vacancies while gaining control over costs and administration.

I am offering a cutting-edge approach to how Practice Groups can manage their workload while minimizing concerns that can cause delays and oversights in the process.

I offer the following advantages to your group for consideration:

  • Competitive and All-Inclusive Pricing
    • Hourly rate: $130-$150
    • Per Diem rate: $150-$200
    • All-inclusive rate: $160-$170
    • All travel and housing expenses are included and arranged by DreamSafe

  • Included in above pricing:
    • Liability Insurance
    • Professional Licensing
    • Certifications
    • Continuing Education
    • Professional Memberships

  • Dedicated Website
    • Complete Credentialing warehouse of documentation for facility credentialing officers to enable streamlined and speedy credentialing
    • Email Communication monitored daily
    • Downloadable Contract Agreements
    • Up-to-date Calendar of availability for scheduling

  • Professional Legal Team
  • Executive Assistant
  • Over 15 years of unblemished service to multiple facilities throughout the United States